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Mainline Electronics started in 1987 originally serving the Hobby and Radio Amateur Markets, the company grew during the first ten years and acquired Jackson Brothers who manufacture Radio capacitors and drives, the surplus side of the company grew and grew after several moves we ended up In a large warehouse on the outskirts of Leicester, we then acquired Electrovalue who specialized in Ferrite and other Siemens products.

A fire in Late 2005 destroyed the whole premises and over a billion parts went up in smoke, luckily the people were safe and data was kept in off site storage, so in January 2006 the company started again, visiting many new suppliers and receiving funding from banks and other suppliers who supported the re-start as in some cases we had been dealing with them for 15 years.

The company launched this new web site and is now moving forwards again, The purchase of Electrocom a well known company in the North of England in January 2007
will assist our growth.
Now we will be concentrating on each area of the business to get all back up and running as soon as possible , Most of the Jacksons tooling was lost in the fire but already one year on 80 percent of the previous ranges are up and in production again with new items coming shortly.

We hope to have many new lines during this year so watch this site and bookmark and return often



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